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Mark Friedman Resources

Mark Friedman's book, Trying Hard is Not Good Enough, is an excellent introduction to RBA and measurable improvements for communities. Copies are available for purchase from Community Centres SA .

This internationally acclaimed video workshop by Mark Friedman introduces the RBA framework and shows how it can be used to improve programs and make a difference to communities.


  • RBA Implementation Guide: a how-to guide for workers implementing RBA.
  • RBA Guide: based on concepts developed by Mark Friedman and developed by the Results Leadership Group
  • RBA Tools: A suite of tools including articles about RBA/Collective Impact, the RBA Guide developed by Results Leadership Group and the RBA Implementation Guide developed by Mark Friedman.
  • 7 Performance Accountability Questions: questions at the heart of the RBA process.

RBA in the Community

  • Australian Results Leadership Group: This organisation supports organisations and communities to lead and measure outcomes . Their  comprehensive website provides access to a variety of RBA resources including the RBA guide, PowerPoint presentations and video clips.
  • Community Centres SA: Community Centres SA's RBA page includes a training calendar among other tools.
  • Clear Impact: Reach Your Peak: This is an American site devoted to RBA. The Results Leadership Group consists of consultants, educators, coaches, and facilitators who dedicate themselves to delivering measurable results for communities both in the USA and around the world.
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