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Community-Business Partnerships/Sponsorships

Creating a successful community-business partnership brings benefits to both the business and the not-for-profit involved, and often for the wider community as well. Arrangements include:


Volunteerism is a popular partnership tool, and one that not-for-profit groups should consider if they have some work they want to get done, but can't afford a consultant. Having a business's staff assist your organisation can provide an influx of people power, knowledge, numbers and expertise.

TAPROOT+ - creates new opportunities for nonprofit professionals and skilled volunteers to connect and engage in pro bono by consolidating information and resources for the market. Taproot+ is a program of the Taproot Foundation.

Skilled Volunteer Guide
- If your organisation has identified gaps in the skills of your staff, board and/or volunteers then the Skilled Volunteer Resource will provide you with all the necessary information you will need on how to engage a Skilled Volunteer to provide you with support, guidance and knowledge. 

Volunteering SA-NT
- Corporate or employer supported volunteering goes beyond simple philanthropy - it is a desire across the business to achieve common good.  Volunteering SA&NT has corporate groups wanting to volunteer for the community. To discuss opportunities further, email Sue Keith or phone (08) 8221 7177.

Community Business Bureau BoardMatch – if you have a vacancy on the board of your Not for Profit Organisation you can take advantage of CBB's board matching service. Just fill in a BoardMatch application form. Then after a short approval process, they will create a listing for your organisation on their BoardMatch vacancies page. Applicants can then contact you directly to apply for your Board position.

Pro Bono VolunteerMatch - VolunteerMatch helps people from right across Australia match their skills from industries such as IT, hospitality, design, accounting, law and sales to a relevant and rewarding volunteer role. It's being called "Experteering", and we like it.

It is a free platform that highlights volunteer work across Australia by providing free advice, information and opportunities for getting the most out of volunteer work. Whether you want to work in an animal shelter, human rights organisation or with youth outreach, Pro Bono Australia is delivering your national skilled volunteering hub. – The  GoVolunteer website has a large range of volunteer roles including one off, short term and long term opportunities and many volunteer involving organisations can be flexible with times. We also make it easy for you to find a volunteer role that suits your interests, motivation, availability and location.

Click here to find your the South Australian Volunteering Centres

Financial donations

Receiving one-off or ongoing financial donations from individuals or businesses can make a real difference to community organisations.  As long as you have implemented the appropriate administration process it can be an easy arrangement to manage.
- is Australia's most user-friendly giving portal – a place where you can put your dollars to work to start building the kind of world you want to live in. The site is designed to help you:

Give More – more of your time, your money, your skills, your resources, your connections
Give Smarter – discover what sort of giving will create the kind of world you want to see
Give Now – our online payment process is secure and simple, with $57m collected to date and counting!

Deductable Gift Recipient status - A deductible gift recipient (DGR) is an entity or fund that can receive tax deductible donations.

There are two types of DGR endorsement:

  • An entity that has DGR endorsement in its own right
  • An entity that is only a DGR in relation to a fund, authority or institution it operates. In this instance, only gifts to the fund, authority or institution are tax deductible.

What is a charity? (ACNC webinar) - Charities receive the highest level of tax concessions that include: income tax, FBT exemption, FBT rebate and GST charity concessions. There are additional advantages for organisations to have a charitable status such as;  having public recognition and trust, tax relief and accessing certain sources of funding.

If you would like to investigate whether your organisation could be recognised as a charity by the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission watch this video as it explains the definition of a charity.

Charities can be further broken down into the following types:

What to do before you apply to register a charity (ACNC webinar) - This presentation aims to help organisations to know what issues they need to consider BEFORE applying to register as a charity, and what information they will need to have available when they do apply. It looks at issues such as legal structure and charitable purpose.

There will be information for people who haven't yet set up their charity and for those who have an existing not-for-profit but are considering whether or not to apply for charity registration.

In-kind donations

This type of arrangement might suit community organisations in need of goods, services or resources such as computers, furniture, items for auction, administration support through to lawn mowing.

Smart State PC Donation Program
- The Smart PC program was created to assist South Australian community based, not-for-profit organisations to access personal computer equipment from surplus government stocks.

Pro-bono or discounted services and products

Business' may be able to offer your organisation valuable skills, knowledge or expertise – such as accountancy or legal advice – for free or at least at a heavily discounted price.

Connecting Up Inc
- A not-for-profit organisation that works to unleash the power of not-for-profits by providing a variety of information, products, resources and programs. Connecting Up manages technology donation programs of companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Symantec, SAP and many more to qualified not-for-profit organisations in Australia.

Connecting Up's Suppliers Directory is a service that enables not-for-profits to harness the expertise of IT consultants, solution providers and suppliers who support not-for-profit organisations with technology.

Connecting Up runs a number of events designed to give not-for-profits practical help to reach their goals. These events include online webinars, workshops, forums and our annual Connecting Up Conference. They help educate not-for-profits on a range of important technology trends including cloud computing, Microsoft Office 365, mobile apps, digital marketing, social media, and more.

ImproveIT - ImproveIT helps community and health come to grips with information and communication technology. It includes:

  • Resources - IT explainers, guides and templates tailored for the not-for-profit sector
  • Events - includes conferences, workshops and lectures to help you with IT issues
  • Blog that includes latest news and information to help non-profit and community sector organisations make the most of their technology investments.

JusticeNet SA - Harnesses the resources of a network of member lawyers to provide pro-bono legal assistance to South Australian individuals and charitable not for profit organisations that cannot afford a lawyer. JusticeNet will attempt to refer eligible individuals and not-for-profit organisations to a solicitor or barrister who will act on a pro-bono basis (for free).


Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources by requesting contributions from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations and governmental agencies. Without a doubt it is a requirement for all community organisations and the challenge is coming up with something that is unique and, very importantly, will raise much needed funds.

Mobile for Good: a how-to fundraising webinar for non-profits

Facebook website for Nonprofits – This website is specifically designed to help nonprofits use all of Facebook's promotional tools. If you are only just starting to use Facebook for your NFP or have been using it for a while, this website includes the basics on how to set up your organisation's profile but also goes more in depth; suggesting strategies on how to connect with your audience and use Facebook as a fundraising tool.

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