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Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise is when an organisation uses a business model of buying and selling goods or services but, unlike a traditional business, its prime motivation is to fund or support social causes.  So considering a social enterprise model might be the first step in creating lasting change in your community and develop the sustainability of your organisation.

Watch this video by Community Centres SA for an introduction into Social Enterprise.

If you are interested in sharing, learning and improving your organisation's capabilities in regards to Social Enterprise, visit any of these websites:

Social Traders - Social Traders' mission is to nurture, develop and grow the social enterprise sector in Australia. Our work revolves around raising awareness of social enterprise, building enterprise capability, and opening markets for social enterprises products and services.

Social Enterprise Services - Social Enterprise Services Australia has been established to assist Community, Not for Profits, Business and Government to engage with Social Enterprise promoters to build opportunity.

Esteem - A unique profit-for-purpose company that will provide long term, sustainable income security to other not-for-profit organisations by establishing Social Enterprise businesses on their behalf.

Flinders University Enterprise Consulting - Cost effective, professional grade student consulting to grow South Australian businesses. Fresh insights, latest technology, industry led.

Webinar – Introduction to Social Enterprises (Not for Profit Law) - Please note: this webinar is targeted at organisations in Victoria and NSW and is information only and not used in place of legal advice.

Social Enterprise Guide (Not for Profit Law )- This guide takes your organisation through the factors and legal issues to consider when setting up and operating a social enterprise.

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