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Finding Skilled Volunteers

Volunteers provide enormous benefits to community organisations including increased knowledge, skills and expertise. Your organisation can obtain volunteers directly through the volunteer sector or through partnerships.

Volunteers with qualifications or relevant professional experiences are known as skilled volunteers. Skilled volunteers are a valuable resource to community organisations, providing services such as strategic planning, management, governance, work health and safety, finance, IT experience, program planning or grant submissions/tender writing.

The following organisations can help you find skilled volunteers to fill organisational gaps:

  • Volunteering SA&NT - manages a national database of volunteer positions in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Not-for-profit organisations with current public liability insurance and Voluntary Workers Insurance can upload volunteer positions for free. Volunteering SA&NT can also connect community groups to companies that provide volunteers for specific causes or charities.
  • Office for Volunteers (SA) - runs programs matching community groups with skilled volunteers
  • Northern Volunteering - volunteer opportunities in Northern South Australia.
  • Southern Volunteering - volunteer opportunities in Southern South Australia.
  • Indigenous Community Volunteers - provides access to skilled volunteers and resources in areas where education, health care and employment opportunities can be limited.
  • TAPROOT + - creates new opportunities for not-for-profit professionals and skilled volunteers to connect and engage.
  • Community Business Bureau BoardMatch - community organisations can create listings on this website for Board vacancies. Applicants can contact organisations directly.
  • Pro Bono VolunteerMatch - this free site helps to match applicants to skilled volunteer roles across Australia.

Other useful websites on volunteering in Australia include:

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