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Your community organisation might benefit from these handy tips for building organisational capacity.

Making the most of the Internet

  • Create a social media presence for your organisation. Visit the Nonprofits on Facebook website, which educates community organisations on the best strategies to connect with an audience, build a successful profile and raise funds.
  • Sign up to the SCOPE mailing list for our Tuesday Training and Friday Funding email newsletters that highlight training and funding opportunities.
  • Subscribe to updates, newsletters or alerts on relevant websites to receive notifications of opportunities in your email.

Writing funding applications

  • Tailor your funding application to the purpose of the grant/funding body. Government grants focus on policy outcomes, business grants focus on programs that show the company in a positive light and philanthropy grants focus on making a difference in the community.
  • Examine the FundAssist toolkit from Flinders University. This is designed to help non-government alcohol and other drug organisations writing funding applications but may be useful to other community organisations.
  • Watch these four short animated clips aimed at helping organisations submit winning grant applications: Plan your project, Prepare a budget, Write an application, and Implement your project.


  • Developing a membership structure for your organisation could potentially generate an income stream and enhance community wellbeing.



Your organisation may benefit from finding a mentor. Mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists members of a community organisation to develop specific skills and knowledge to enhance professional and personal growth. Your organisation may benefit from finding a mentor.

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