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Disability Services - publications and resources

The South Australian Government produces publications for people with disability, parents and carers, and service providers. Many publications are available for free download from our sites or may be borrowed from the Library (Disability Collection). Some publications can be bought from Service SA. 

Disability publications for download

Disability information sheets - an alphabetical list covering topics from accommodation for people with disability, to wheelchairs and scooters: transporting people in vehicles, and including sheets on continence, day options, intellectual disability, hoists and other equipment for independent living, and more.

Child development resources - a collection of resource sheets covering topics from bubbles (to help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination), to acquiring social skills, language development (such as learning about opposites), painting, relaxation routines and more.

Safe work instructions - safe work instructions (SWIs) help you to perform a variety of care activities safely and competently. Clinical experts in Disability Services developed these SWIs to help people with disability, carers and families, and government and non-government staff avoid injury in the home and workplace.

Disability publications for sale

The South Australian Government sells disability-related publications through the Service SA Shop. You can buy Acts and Regulations, such as the Disability Services (Community Visitor Scheme) Regulations 2013 and the Disability Services Act 1993 (version 8.4.1993). The shop also sells disability resources for parents and carers, health professionals and educators. Some examples are listed below.

Licence to Cook

Cover image of Licence to Cook resource

Licence to Cook is a comprehensive mealtime management resource for professionals and carers who support adults with disability.

Make mealtimes a safe and more pleasant experience for everyone by using the principles and techniques in this resource. Licence to Cook contains recipes, a DVD on food safety and a CD containing PowerPoint™ presentations/overheads and other resources.

Sleepwise - a resource manual

(produced by Child and Youth Services, Disability Services)

Sleepwise - a resource manual is a valuable resource for allied health workers supporting the families and carers of young children (under six) with developmental delay. It describes a comprehensive approach to supporting children's sleep, including individual sleep plans and family support.

Sleepwise comes with supplementary materials including a CD containing PowerPoint presentations/ (that can be used as overheads) and more.

Are you ready? An animated toilet training resource. DVD

(produced by Child and Youth Services, Disability Services)

New updated version. Printed 2014.  This DVD includes the popular animation 'Tom's Toilet Triumph'.

In addition, the DVD includes three short variations of the animation, with toileting sequences that can be chosen for a girl, and two versions for a boy; 'standing for a wee' and 'sitting for a wee'.

All these variations present a story about learning to use the toilet for both bladder and bowel motions, with realistic step-by-step instruction. The DVD is suitable for all ages. 

How to buy disability publications

You can buy products online from the Service SA Shop.

If you prefer not to purchase online, you can contact the Disability Information Service. They will send you an order form.

Phone the Disability Information Service on 1300 786 117.


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