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Information for families and friends of the people we support 23 February 2021

Accommodation Services Family Forums – March 2021

COVID-19 vaccinations and consent

It’s likely you have heard a lot in the media recently about COVID-19 vaccines. The disability sector is being provided with priority access to vaccinations and the people we support in Accommodation Services will be some of the first people in our community to be offered vaccinations.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has been working with the Australian Government and SA Health, and will shortly be offering vaccinations to the people we support in Accommodation Services and our frontline staff.

Late March vaccinations will be offered to the people we support in Accommodation Services from SA Health approved sites – Highgate Park, Northgate Aged Care (for its residents only) and where a person cannot be moved from their home, at that home.

These vaccines will be administered by our own Registered Nurses who are undertaking specific training to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Arrangements will be made for the people we support in Mount Gambier and Kadina through their Local Health Networks.

Consent by the people we support and/or their legal representative, will be required, before a vaccination can be delivered. We are yet to be informed which vaccine we will be supplied with.

You will be contacted by Accommodation Services shortly about the vaccination process and we have a few weeks to arrange consent for the vaccine to be administered to your loved one.

During this time more specific details will be compiled so we can share further information during an Accommodation Services Family Forum scheduled early March.

In the meantime, useful information is available on the SA Health COVID-19 Vaccine webpage, including:

You can phone the National Vaccine Helpline on 1800 020 080.

Service agreements

Accommodation Services will soon be introducing service agreements for the people we support, to continue to provide National Disability Insurance (NDIS) funded support services.

A service agreement is a required document under the NDIS and allows the person we support and yourself to have a clear understanding of what services and supports will be delivered, as well as detailing rights and responsibilities.

You may be familiar with service agreements, through other NDIS providers.

A sample Accommodation Services Service Agreement and sample Service Agreement Terms and Conditions document have been attached to this message, to provide you with an understanding of what to expect.

Individual service agreements are an important element of delivering a high quality, safe service for the people we support. They are being introduced in 2021 as Accommodation Services finalises its NDIS registration.

The service provided by Accommodation Services is not changing. Becoming an NDIS provider means we can continue to deliver our service to your family member or friend into the future.

Over the next few weeks, you will receive an individualised service agreement for you to consider and approve on your family member’s behalf. If required, you can contact your Service Coordinator to ask questions and explain the process to consent to the Service Agreement.

A new service agreement is needed with every NDIS plan. In future years, when a new NDIS plan is started, a new service agreement will accompany this document, streamlining the process.

If you have any questions about Service Agreements prior to the Family Forums, detailed below, you can phone us on 1800 952 962 (please press 3).

Client fees

As we have previously indicated we have a lot of fee arrangements for people we support in Accommodation Services. As part of moving to a NDIS provider we will be consulting with you mid-2021 on changes to our fee arrangements to have a consistent approach across the service and for all people we support.

The proposal will include two fee options that will need to be determined by each household and include:

  1. A set percentage of the disability support pension for all board arrangements covering things like food, utilities, communal furniture and whitegoods and general household consumables but excluding personal costs such as pharmaceuticals and clothing.
  2. A user pays where a person will purchase and pay for costs they expend, including contributing to communal items (for example, utilities, furniture and whitegoods). Many people in our service already use this option.

Further information about this will be provided in mid-2021, including a more detailed breakdown of inclusions and exclusions, for consultation with you.

Zoom meetings

Please join us in March for Family Forums via Zoom, to provide further information about COVID-19 vaccinations and the introduction of Service Agreements.

Tuesday 2 March 2021 from 9.00 am to 10.00 am
Zoom link – 2 March (your passcode for this session was sent to you by letter or email)

Friday 19 March 2021 from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
Zoom link – 19 March (your passcode for this session was sent to you by letter or email)

Lost your passcode? Email

Recordings will be posted at here after each session. Email questions to

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