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Accommodation Services Strategic Plan 2019–2020

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About Accommodation Services

Where we are now

Accommodation Services provides services to over 500 people in community living arrangements. There are two remaining facilities:

  • Highgate Park with less than 20 residents
  • Northgate Aged Care, which provides Commonwealth-funded residential aged care to 30 people with a disability.

Co-located at the Northgate site, and managed by SA Health, are 20 people from the previous SA Health Oakden site.

All clients, other than those supported under Commonwealth funded arrangements, have now transitioned to the NDIS or Commonwealth Continuity of Support program. However, due to a range of factors, plans have been limited in reflecting individual client needs, as implementation by the service. Accommodation Services is currently working closely with NDIA clients and their families to ensure new plans reflect the needs and goals of our clients.

In April 2019, the Government announced that people could choose Accommodation Services to provide services while the NDIS matures and support those people who want to choose another provider to do so.

As a result, Accommodation Services needs to reform to become commercial and continue to deliver quality and safe services under the NDIS.

Accommodation Services currently provide a range of services including:

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) (inclusive of people funded through NDIS, Aged Care clients, and COS arrangements
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Community Nursing, and
  • Others in-kind (specialist support coordination).

The context we work in

There are several external factors that Accommodation Services operates within and has different levels of influence (including no influence):

  • NDIS framework including, service design and quality and safeguarding
  • Disability Royal Commission
  • Commonwealth Continuity of Support program arrangements
  • Commonwealth Aged Care arrangements
  • State Government policy
  • Workforce supply and training
  • Market for independent living services
  • Client future expectations of living arrangements
  • Community expectations of inclusion and recognition.

Where we have been

The Department of Human Services Accommodation Services has a long history of providing support for people with disability in South Australia from a largely institutional, whole-of-life service located at Highgate Park and Strathmont Centre, to Accommodation Services which have devolved to the community-based locations across metropolitan Adelaide, Kadina and Mount Gambier. Over time as many of the clients aged in the service, residential aged care was added at Highgate Park and Northgate Aged Care.

In the mid-2000s the government corporations of Julia Farr Services, the Intellectual Disability Services Council and Adult Physical & Neurological Options Coordination (APN) Brain Injury Options Coordination (BIOC) were dissolved and formed Disability SA as part of the department.

With the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the department began to transition some of its whole-of-life services to the non-government sector including its day activities and in-home support.

In 2017, a public corporation was formed to continue providing supported independent living services under the NDIS. In June 2018 it was announced that DHS would gradually withdraw from the provision of Accommodation Services, subject to consultation and as a result dissolved the public corporation to operate the services under the department.

Vision and Values


Accommodation Services are a high quality, rights based, person-centred service with an approach of ‘everything about you, with you’. We will listen to you and support you to live the life you choose in your home and in the community.


Service. Proudly serve the community and Government of South Australia

Professionalism. Strive for excellence

Trust. We have confidence in the ability of others

Respect. We value every individual

Collaboration and Engagement. We create solutions together

Honesty and Integrity. We act truthfully, consistently, and fairly

Sustainability. We work to get the best results for current and future generations of South Australia.

Strategic Goals

Accommodation Services will focus on the following strategic goals:

  1. Delivering high quality and safe supported independent living services
  2. Operating an effective and efficient service model
  3. Empowering informed clients and families
  4. Building an inclusive, high-performing and engaged workforce.

High quality and safe services


Services are provided under a rights-based practice quality standard with a zero tolerance to abuse and neglect.


  • Implement a quality safeguarding framework for service delivery
  • Implement a zero tolerance to abuse and neglect policy
  • Align service delivery to the NDIS Quality and Safeguard requirements
  • Establish a clinical governance framework to oversee service quality.


  • Quality and safeguarding practices are embedded
  • Internal and external audit against quality and safeguarding requirements
  • Improvements in client wellbeing.

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Effective and efficient service delivery


Enable a commercial and viable service delivery model through reform and new and improved internal capabilities


  • Design and deliver a commercialisation plan for the service
  • Develop and enhance system and resource capabilities
  • Transition institutional services to the community
  • Redesign business processes to align to best practice.


  • Achieving above budget results
  • Implementation of ICT equipment and improvement in ICT capability
  • Reduction of people living in institutional setting

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Empowered clients and families


Clients and families are engaged with their services and build their capacity to improve participation in their decisions and community


  • Implement a customer charter and agreements with all clients about their services
  • Resource to work directly with clients and families on planning and capacity building
  • Implement a customer and complaints management system and processes
  • Establish a client and family satisfaction survey
  • Establish a client reference group


  • Feedback received from clients and families
  • NDIS plans are developed with clients and families and reflective of client needs
  • Clients supported to move to the NGO sector if they choose

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High-performing workforce


Staff are equipped and empowered to deliver high quality, effective and efficient services


  • Implement training and development for staff at all levels
  • Review and deliver a Work, Health and Safety plan that is best practice
  • Staff reference group continue to inform on continuous improvement
  • Introduce staff recognition and awards for service excellence and collaboration


  • Feedback from staff survey (Teamgage)
  • Reduction in Workforce Health and Safety events
  • Improved awareness and capability in key areas of service delivery (for example, quality, safety, information technology)
  • Staff recognised.

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