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Accommodation standards

South Australians with disability have access to a range of accommodation arrangements that reflect their needs and preferences through Supported Community Accommodation.

Staff rostering

Staff rostering is based on the needs of individual residents. Most accommodation has staff rostered on duty at all times when the residents are at home. Night staff may be on active duty throughout the night or until all residents are settled – staff then revert to passive (sleepover) duty.

Daily routines

The daily routine for each house is as individual as the people who live there — routines are developed around the needs and commitments of each resident. Staff provide assistance and support for a range of daily activities including personal care, skill development, attending employment and day activities, maintaining health and wellbeing, budgeting, leisure pursuits, community access, and home maintenance.

Safeguards and security

Maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of residents and staff is one of our highest priorities, and many safeguards and systems are in place, including:

  • health reviews as needed for all residents
  • staff training in medication administration, essential first aid, and fire safety
  • appropriate fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets in all accommodation
  • staff trained to support residents with good nutrition and food preparation
  • behaviour support options to help residents use appropriate ways to communicate, make choices, and participate in the community.


We encourage open and honest communication at all levels. The first point of contact will usually be the staff at the group home. There may also be times when residents wish to discuss issues with a manager, and people are encouraged to do so. We’re confident that any concerns that residents may have from time to time can be resolved, so we encourage people to talk to us about those concerns as soon as possible.

Page last updated : 21 Apr 2021

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