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Disability engagement and consultation

The Department of Human Services (DHS) provides ways to connect:

  • people living with disability
  • carers and families
  • the broader community
  • the non-government sector

and inform government policy and program development, and service delivery.

Our main channel for consultation is through our Disability Engagement Group, which we use to obtain advice about disability issues.

The group is a confidential contact list of people who have chosen to be available to provide independent advice on issues that are important to people with disability in South Australia.

Consultations take place as needed, on a variety of topics and issues. You may join the group and choose areas that most interest you.

Members participate because of their interest and experience in areas related to disability. The people in the group include people with disability, family members and carers, and practitioners.

The Department of Human Services manages the group.

Join or leave the group

Join or leave the group

Membership eligibility

Our membership form asks for specific information so that the group can be more effective in consultations.

If you are a person with disability, you can complete the membership form by answering the questions about yourself.

If you are a person who supports someone with disability, you can complete the membership form by answering the questions as they relate to the lifestyle of the person you support (that is, not about your own lifestyle).

On the form, you can:

  • select topics in which you are interested from a broad range of choices
  • nominate how you would like to be engaged
  • provide your contact details
  • specify how you would like to be contacted.

Join or leave the group


You can use the online form to join the Disability Engagement Group, or print and return a hard copy form.

Register online

Download printable registration form  (DOCX 55.4 KB)

Send your printed form in by post, or email a scanned or photographed copy to

We can mail the membership forms to you, with a reply-paid envelope included.


To leave the group, let us know by post or email to

Please provide your full name with your request to leave so we can remove your details from the database.

Your privacy

All information collected in the membership process will be kept confidential and stored in a secure file. Personal information will be used only to contact you with information and opportunities to be involved in the Disability Engagement Group. Your information will not be distributed to third parties, except where required by law.

Refer to the department's privacy statement and the Information Privacy Principles instruction on that page for more information about privacy and security of personal information.


Mail: PO Box 70, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

Consult the group

Consult the group

Organisations such as:

  • state and local government departments
  • non-government organisations
  • statutory authorities
  • private businesses (in some cases)

can ask to consult the group.

Before contacting us about a consultation, make sure you have identified:

  • a clear purpose for the consultation/engagement
  • timelines (start, duration, completion, and travel time that may be needed)
  • the type of engagement activity
  • member group(s) to be targeted.

We do not evaluate the level or type of expertise offered by the members, but can identify members by:

  • age
  • gender
  • geographical region
  • area of declared interest.

This identification will help identify appropriate participants for each consultation.

We keep personal information strictly confidential, and operate as an intermediary between the requesting organisation seeking to consult and group members.

Cost of consulting the group

Consulting the Disability Engagement Group is free. However, all and any costs incurred as part of the consultations or engagements are the responsibility of the requesting organisation. These costs may include:

  • administration costs
  • venue hire, sound and video equipment hire, and catering
  • use of interpreters
  • transport assistance
  • insurance cover.


Mail: PO Box 70, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000


Mail: PO Box 70, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA 5000

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