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The State Disability Inclusion Plan 2019–2023 identified four priority groups. We will be consulting with these groups so that revised inclusion plans meet their specific needs.

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Future of the Disability Engagement Group

We are reviewing the function of the Disability Engagement Group to:

  • focus membership on people living with disability and carers
  • increase membership in rural and regional areas
  • consult the Disability Engagement Group more often
  • support members to develop advisory and leadership skills.

Future of the Disability Engagement Group

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All information collected in the membership process will be kept confidential and stored in a secure file. Personal information will be used only to contact you with information and opportunities to be involved in the Disability Engagement Group. Your information will not be distributed to third parties, except where required by law. Refer to the department's privacy statement ( and the Information Privacy Principles instruction on that page for more information about privacy and security of personal information.

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