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Information for families and friends of the people we support 16 February 2022

Information for families and friends of the people we support

Update as at 16 February 2022

Transition to Home

You may have seen media reports this week regarding a Health and Community Complaints Commissioner’s investigation and the release of Freedom of Information details into care concerns at our Transition to Home (T2H) at Hampstead.

I have responded to the Commissioner’s report into this investigation and have contacted the family of the client directly. The Department of Human Services (DHS) has accepted the Commissioner’s findings and is genuinely sorry the client did not receive the level of support and care expected.

As the Commissioner noted in his report, implementation of the recommendations is already underway, including a new management structure and an onsite Team Leader who is authorised to take any action appropriate to ensure clients receive the care they need.

T2H is a transitional community house and not a hospital setting. It does not provide nursing or medical care; however, we do facilitate that care through external providers. I have accepted the Commissioner’s findings that this client did not receive the standard expected and that we should have moved to ensure nursing care was attended sooner.

However, it is important to note that in the week prior to the client’s hospital admission, he saw a doctor who prescribed antibiotics and registered nurse from an external NDIS agency who dressed his wound.

Please be assured that the Commissioner’s report did not find that the client was left unbathed or did not have his incontinence pads changed daily. Indeed, the case notes outlined in the report show regular bed baths and pad changes.

I also accept that staff should have managed the client’s weight more closely given his complex underlying health conditions, however, the report did not find that the client was malnourished in T2H.

DHS has a strong reporting culture and requires all staff to report all matters no matter how big or small.

Incident reporting and raising care concerns helps us to identify if clients’ needs are not being met and helps us to ensure our service continually improves and meets required standards.

DHS encourages clients and their families to immediately raise any concerns they may have to ensure the T2H service continually improves and meets required standards.

You can find out more information about providing a complaint or feedback on the DHS website and you can also submit an Anonymous report via the reporting form.

I encourage you to speak directly with your DHS Disability Services Service Coordinator or email them at or phone on 1800 952 962 (and then press 3).

We will continue to work hard to keep all clients and staff safe while ensuring clients’ sense of personal control, dignity, and well-being are cared for.

Lois Boswell
Chief Executive, Department of Human Services

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