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DHS is committed to increasing workforce diversity and providing greater employment opportunities for people with disability. As at September 2020, 4.2 percent (133 employees) of the DHS workforce identify as having a disability, of whom 80 percent are in ongoing contracts. The average age of employees with disability is 47 and the average tenure is 11 years.

The DHS Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2017–2020 outlines four objectives that we as a department have committed to:

  1. Increase employment numbers.
  2. Foster a sense of belonging and equal opportunity.
  3. Increase opportunities for development.
  4. Foster inclusive leadership.

We remain focused on working towards eliminating or reducing barriers which prevent full participation at work and providing accessible workplaces and technologies to enable staff with disability to contribute fully.

As a department we are currently updating this strategy to ensure we can harness the knowledge and experience of employees including those who identify as having a disability. Through these avenues, we will continue to explore actions to promote engagement and lead innovation in diverse employment practices.

On a practical level DHS has a dedicated space on the intranet with easy-to-access information. The department has made it mandatory for all employees to undertake disability awareness and inclusion training within the first three months of employment. We also offer broader training opportunities including Mental Health First Aid training to ensure all DHS employees are well informed and contribute to a culture of inclusiveness.

DHS was the first South Australian Government department to introduce paid disability leave for our employees, which offers additional leave options should they need to take time away from the workforce due to the nature of their disability.

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