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Rebuilding structures

Architectural assistance

If you lost your home due to natural disaster and were uninsured or grossly under-insured, you may be able to get free advice from a registered architect.

Depending on your specific situation, the assistance may vary, from simple advice to full design and planning services.

You may also apply on behalf of a small local business or community that has lost its assets, such as shops, halls, churches or theatres.

Apply for architect assistance

Protecting land boundaries when rebuilding fences

In areas affected by bushfires, it's important to preserve as much remaining evidence as possible to secure the state’s property boundaries.

Clearing fence lines can result in the fences being placed away from the original location and critical Permanent Survey Marks being inadvertently destroyed.

You can find more information about protecting land boundaries by contacting:
Survey Operations Section
Land and Built Environment Section
Phone: 8456 4920

For information about safety rebuilding fences and handling of fire damaged CCA timber, see the  Environment Protection Authority’s fact sheet on CCA timber.
You can also visit the Green Industries SA website.

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