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People who are SA Water customers If you are experiencing mains water outages, phone the SA Water Customer Care Centre on 1300 729 283.

Water Replenishment (as a result of preparing for, or fighting, fires) If the CFS has used your water to fight fires, phone Mt Barker CFS Headquarters (Region 1) on 8391 1866 during office hours. The CFS will assess, prioritise and coordinate the delivery of water from SA Water to you.

As an SA Water customer, you will not be charged for water used to prepare or defend properties, or for water lost through pipes damaged in the fires. If you have questions, or need support with water supply, phone SA Water on 1300 729 283. SA Water website

Potable water carting businesses

For any other water needs, including water for livestock, you can contact these potable water carting businesses operating in the area. They are prioritising people impacted by the Cudlee Creek Fire.

Note: most providers have a minimum delivery of 9,000L. Their first priority is water for people.



Adelaide Hills Water Transport

0408 360 595

Waterman cartage, McLaren Vale

0409 676 527

Hills Water carting / Andy’s Water

08 8388 5846 or 0411 208 769

Adelaide Hills bulk spring water

08 8390 1681 or 0439 901 681


Information on bushfires and rainwater quality

Power supply

Keep away from any electricity equipment that has been damaged during a bushfire and report it to SA Power Networks by phoning 13 13 66.

SA Power Networks has more information on bushfires and power safety.


General enquiries

Telstra - bushfire support
Phone 13 22 00 or Telstra Business on 13 2000

Use payphones for free

The Telstra payphone network around the country is currently free for local, national and standard mobile calls. Telstra will also be allowing free use of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network at locations where payphones are equipped to provide this.

People affected by fires

Anyone affected by fires, including people who have lost their houses, can register for a Telstra assistance package.
Phone 13 22 03.

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