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DFRA Principles for Commonwealth and State Assistance

REPA Fact Sheet 2

Fact sheet 2: DRFA principles for Commonwealth and State Assistance (PDF 132.9 KB)


The Commonwealth’s assistance supports states’ and territories’ relief and recovery measures. It complements other state-based strategies, such as insurance and natural disaster mitigation planning and implementation.


  • States will identify the type and level of assistance they need following a natural disaster or a terrorist act.
  • States should make any assistance they deem necessary available to the community, regardless of whether it is eligible for reimbursement.
  • States have a responsibility to put in place insurance arrangements that are cost-effective for both the state and Commonwealth.
  • When undertaking (or contributing to the cost of) eligible recovery measures, the state must act consistently with the following principles:
    • recovery is a shared responsibility for individuals, households, businesses, communities and governments, where access to funding or appropriate strategies of natural disaster mitigation are considered
    • state assistance needs to encourage businesses and communities to self-help, either by providing access to funding or appropriate natural disaster mitigation strategies
    • government assistance needs to be designed to achieve an efficient allocation of resources
    • the same assistance should be given to anyone affected by the same eligible disaster in the same way, within the limitations of these arrangements.

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