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REPA Fact Sheet 6

Fact sheet 6: REPA Strike Team

What does the REPA Strike Team do?

The REPA Strike Team assists disaster-affected state and local government organisations to provide valid, accurate and timely information to enable the State to prepare a claim for DRFA funding for the reconstruction of essential public assets (REPA).

When there is a significant disaster with the potential for a REPA claim, the State Recovery Office will activate the Strike Team and deploy members to provide guidance to affected organisations.

The Strike Team will provide advice and information about the evidence that will need to be collected and stored. This service may be provided by phone, email or face-to-face.

If face-to-face visits are needed, they will commence as soon as possible after an event, depending on Strike Team availability, demand, regional access and post-event conditions.

What doesn’t the REPA Strike Team do?

The Strike Team does not provide:

  • disaster response or disaster relief
  • advice on funding which may be available under other parts of the DRFA or any other program
  • engineering, reconstruction or procurement advice.

Strike Team membership

The Strike Team is a pool of twelve experienced officers, drawn from one or more of the following organisations (home organisations) as required:

  • Department of Human Services (DHS) State Recovery Office – two officers
  • Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) – two officers
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) – four officers
  • Local Government Association of SA (LGA) – two officers
  • Department for Environment and Water (DEW) – two officers.

Strike Team members do annual training to maintain a detailed understanding of REPA, including requirements for collecting and providing evidence, and how to estimate costs for a REPA claim.

An activated Strike Team will be made up of different members of the pool, depending on the needs of the affected organisations at the time. Members may be deployed full- or part-time.

Strike Team activation

When a significant disaster causes damage which may be eligible for a REPA claim, the State Recovery Office will activate the REPA Strike Team to provide advice and information to affected organisations, including what evidence to collect and store.

A member of the REPA Strike Team will contact each affected state and local government organisation to offer information and advice as soon as possible.

Strike Team governance

The Director of the State Recovery Office in the Department of Human Services (DHS) in South Australia activates, deploys, directs and manages the Strike Team.

A memorandum of administrative arrangement (MoAA) between DHS and each home organisation of the strike team members details the governance arrangements.

Requesting the Strike Team

State and local government organisations that are not contacted by the REPA Strike Team after a disaster can contact the State Recovery Office.

Phone 1800 302 787

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