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Reconstruction of Essential Public Assets - REPA

REPA Fact Sheet 5

Fact sheet 5: Reconstruction of Essential Public Assets (REPA) (PDF 173.0 KB)

There are three priority-based categories of works for restoring or replacing essential public assets. (You may need to read Fact Sheet 4 - Essential Public Assets for more information.)

  1. emergency works (temporary)
  2. immediate reconstruction works (short-term)
  3. reconstructing essential public assets (longer-term).

Emergency works

  • Emergency works are urgent activities to temporarily restore an essential public asset so it can operate/be operated at an acceptable level to support immediate community recovery.
  • Emergency works must be done within three months of the date a state can access the asset.
  • DRFA reimbursement for emergency works is for actual cost.
  • Emergency works include, but works are not limited to, initial grading, pothole repairs, temporary gravel re-sheeting, replacing rock and traffic management.

Immediate reconstruction works

  • Immediate reconstruction works are short-term activities to fully reconstruct an essential public asset, following a state decision that no longer-term reconstruction works are required for this asset.
  • Immediate reconstruction works occur following an eligible disaster and must be done within three months from the date the state can access the essential public asset. Immediate works can be done at the same time as emergency works.
  • DRFA reimbursement for immediate reconstruction works is for actual cost.

Reconstructing essential public assets (longer term)

  • The reconstruction of an essential public asset (REPA) is permanently restoring the asset to pre-disaster function.
  • DRFA reimbursement is for estimated cost.
  • Estimated costs for REPA must be established within 12 months from the end of the financial year in which the eligible disaster occurred.

REPA lifecycle

REPA Lifecycle shown in a flowchart. For a text description, use the link following the flowchart.

REPA lifecycle in text

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