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DRFA eligible state expenditure

REPA Fact Sheet 3

Fact sheet 3: DRFA eligible state expenditure (PDF 124.9 KB)

What is eligible state expenditure?

Eligible state expenditure is total state expenditure by ‘eligible undertakings’ for ‘eligible measures’ in relation to ‘eligible disasters’ that have occurred within a financial year that a state is claiming Commonwealth reimbursement for under these arrangements (For definitions, see ‘DRFA overview’).

What can be included as expenditure under DRFA Category B for essential public assets?

  • Emergency works for essential public assets, including salaries and wages, and internal plant and equipment used for the emergency works
  • Immediate reconstruction works for essential public assets, including salaries, wages, day labour hire, and internal plant and equipment used for the immediate reconstruction works
  • Reconstructing essential public assets
  • Expenditure on eligible measures for non-monetary assistance, including goods, waived revenue, free or subsidised services
  • What is ineligible state expenditure?

  • Amounts that a state has recovered or may recover from any source
  • Amounts that a person is liable to reimburse to a state (including amounts attributable to GST)
  • Amounts directly or indirectly receivable from the Commonwealth under a joint Commonwealth-state financial arrangement, or some other form of specific purpose financial assistance to a state
  • Administrative expenditure a state would have been liable for, had the eligible disaster not occurred
  • Core disaster response activities that are the responsibility of, and are budgeted for, by a state
  • Amounts that have been transferred from a state to a department or other agency of the state government for possible expenditure on an eligible measure, but have not yet been spent by that department or agency
  • Profit margins to an eligible undertaking.

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