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Cudlee Creek CFS Newsletter 3

South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) Community Newsletter

9.00 am Tuesday 24 December 2019

What is happening now?

The planned back burn has been successful and has achieved the desired outcome of keeping the fire within containment lines in the Kangaroo Creek area.

Crews have been establishing mechanical breaks between Tungkillo and Mt Torrens as a strategic activity ahead of the forecast weather. Crews have been continuing to mop up the fire ground in an effort to ensure the perimeter is secured with the support of heavy plant creating mineral earth breaks.

Approximately 150 firefighters from 30 fire trucks will be operating on the fire ground today which is approximately 25,000ha in size and has an estimated fire perimeter of 179km. Crews will be strategically placed across the fire ground in the coming days.

Support agencies are also working to assess damage and clear roads to allow people back into their properties when safe to do so.

Aircraft will also be operational today assisting with containing the fire.

There is a significant police presence on the fire ground with additional patrols active.

What conditions are expected?

Weather conditions will remain warm with low to moderate winds over the next two days before temperatures and winds start to increase. Total Fire Ban conditions are forecast to return by the weekend.  Saturday will be very hot and windy with thunderstorms.  Temperatures will continue to increase up until New Years’ Day with a change due on Monday with strong winds and lightning forecast. There are still large trees and lots of unburnt vegetation within the fire ground.  Any localised winds along with the forecast weather will increase the chances of fire outbreaks. Everyone needs to remain vigilant.

What we are doing?

Crews will continue to work on areas of active fire supported by aviation resources. Patrolling and mopping up will be a priority over the coming days.  Hot spots are likely to flare up when the dangerous fire weather returns later in the week.

What roads are open?

All roads within the fire-affected areas are now open.

Drivers are advised to use extreme caution as there may be stock wandering across roads due to damaged fences and visibility may be reduced. Speed restrictions will likely be in place in some areas. Landowners are asked to secure stock.

The community are asked that unless you live in a fire-affected location to avoid driving in the area to allow emergency services and support agencies to do their work safely and efficiently.

Please be advised that road access is being continually reviewed and roads may close at short notice. Refer to Traffic SA for the latest information.

What you can do

We are asking all community members to remain vigilant. If you see unattended fire call triple zero. Due to wind activity embers may continue to fall on your property.

Stay out of fire-affected areas, especially areas with trees that have a risk of falling or dropping limbs.

There may be a presence of smoke in the area for some time. Close all windows and doors to minimise exposure especially those with respiratory conditions, the young, elderly or ill.

If your property has been affected by fire please continue to monitor the burnt ground over the coming days and ensure that any flare ups or smoking areas are reported via triple zero.

Be alert for dangers on the fire ground especially falling trees, burnt unstable ground and fallen power lines. Ensure you are wearing protective clothing when on fire affected areas.

Where you can go

Emergency Relief Centres have been established at the following locations;

*      Turramurra Recreation Centre, 1000 Lower North East Road, Highbury. 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Closed Christmas Day.

*      Mount Barker High School, Wellington Road, Mount Barker. 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Closed Christmas Day

Bushfire safer places

Bushfire safer places are located in Adelaide, Murray Bridge and Mount Barker.

Power and Water

Approximately 70% of power has been restored to properties in the fire ground. Extensive damage has been sustained to infrastructure, particularly in the Cudlee Creek area, and some repairs may take more time.  Water has been restored to all customers however some water meters may require repair or replacement.

Key numbers for assistance

Bushfire Information Hotline

1800 362 361 (TTY 13 36 77)

CFS website

Disaster Recovery

1800 302 787

Cudlee Creek recovery pages (DHS website)


Livestock and Horticulture enquiries

1800 255 556

PIRSA website


1300 477 722

RSPCA website

Adelaide Hills Council

8408 0400

Adelaide Hills Council website

Mount Barker District Council

8391 7200

Mount Barker District Council website

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