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Kangaroo Island CFS Newsletter 15

South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) Community Newsletter

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Ravine Fire, Kangaroo Island

Yesterday there were small flare ups as wind speeds increased, generally on the eastern edges of the fire ground (west of Vivonne Bay, around Parndana and in the northern section of the fire ground).  Crews rapidly responded and extinguished this fire activity. There was little fire activity overnight and crews used the opportunity to consolidate control lines and black out.

The forecast Fire Danger Rating for today is Very High.  Residents need to be aware that this is anticipated to be a day of increased bushfire risk.  The wind direction will shift to a westerly with speeds of 30-45kmph with gusts of up to 70. There is potential for light rain in the afternoon but it is unlikely to be enough to stop fires.

Any outbreaks are predicted to spread in an easterly direction under strong westerly winds.  Flare ups are expected within the fire ground as wind speeds increase where hotspots occur amongst unburnt islands of vegetation.

Whilst there is no immediate threat from the fire at this time, the situation could change and the community are reminded to stay alert and monitor local conditions.  Beware of the danger of trees falling, particularly sugar gums, due to the strong winds.  The wind is also likely to stir up lots of dust and ash which presents a risk to the community, especially for people with respiratory conditions.

CFS is maintaining the current crew numbers on the Island to ensure that all work can be completed and any areas of concern can be addressed as quickly as possible.

There is still aircraft in use to assist firefighting efforts as well as over 180 fire fighters over the next few days.

There is no public access to Flinders Chase National Park and Kelly Hill Caves until further notice.  Australia Defence Force personnel are providing a presence in these areas to ensure the public do not access unsafe areas. The extent of damage to park infrastructure is still to be properly assessed and it is unsafe for the any members of the public to be in these areas. Seal Bay Conservation Park is currently open.

Drones are going to be in use by infrastructure and other agencies to assist with repairs and recovery activities. These are being used in consultation with CFS air operations.  Private use of drones in an area where fire-fighting aircraft are in use is strictly forbidden.

Local government have sourced from the mainland additional tree-clearing/trimming crews and equipment including arborists to assess trees.

A community meeting will be held at Parndana Sporting Complex, Thursday 23rd from 6pm.

The Recovery Centre is open from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm, located at Parndana Community Centre, next to the Playground, corner Wheaton Street and Jubilee Avenue. The Recovery Centre is a point of contact for a whole range of services and assistance.  There may be assistance for services or aid that you were not aware was available to you.

Contact points

Bushfire Information Hotline - phone 1800 362 361

TTY - phone 13 36 77

If life is in danger, phone 000 (triple zero)

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