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Kangaroo Island Fire Recovery Newsletter Issue 2 - 24 February 2020

Welcome from the Local Recovery Coordinator

Recovery has been progressing steadily over the last week. Amongst the many community needs, waste, housing, livestock, and grants have been the main focus for the recovery team and State Government agencies.

The Community Recovery Subcommittees have been meeting to continue identifying issues arising from the fires and establish timelines for addressing them. If you have any ideas, feedback or stories that you would like to feed into recovery planning, please contact the appropriate theme ‘lead’ listed here.

Social, health and wellbeing

Bob Teasdale
Phone  0448 635 009


Andrew Heinrich
Phone 0427 596 108

Economic (tourism)

Jeanette Gellard
Phone 0429 990 063

Economic (primary production)

Shirley Pledge
Phone  0427 041 787


Graham Walkom
Phone 0452 286 238

As part of the recovery, Community Recovery Officer Jennifer Trethewey or I will be available to listen to your feedback and concerns at the Recovery Centre ‘pop-ups’ (see times below).

Again, I encourage you to regularly visit the Kangaroo Island fire recovery page to stay up to date with what is in place to support you in your recovery.

Mike Williams
Local Recovery Coordinator

Join our Facebook group

We have a dedicated Facebook group for people impacted by the Kangaroo Island fires. This private group is for those directly impacted by the fires rather than the general public.

It is a place to ask questions, share information and resources, and connect with your local community during the recovery phase. To join visit the Facebook recovery information page and click on ‘groups’ to the left of the page.

Parndana Recovery Centre and pop ups

The Parndana Recovery Centre is located at 12 Jubilee Avenue, Parndana.

Please note the new opening hours from Monday 24 Feb:

Monday to Friday: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

The Centre is run by the SA Housing Authority and has representatives from a number of agencies to provide assistance, including help with applications, contact numbers, advice, and mental health support.

Recovery Centre ‘pop-ups’ will continue weekly with a selection of services available, including a ‘listening post’ with Local Recovery Office staff Jennifer Trethewey or Mike Williams.

Vivonne Bay General Store
Tuesdays 10am – 2pm

Western Districts Football Club
Mondays and Wednesdays 4pm – 6.30pm

Recovery Centre staff also undertake outreach to those who would benefit from a visit to their homes. If you know of anyone you think could do with this type of support, please call the Recovery Centre on 0438 861 215 or drop in to the Centre.

Waste removal

Construction of a new asbestos pit in Gosse has now been completed. This is in addition to the facility already existing in Kingscote. Adjacent to this pit will also be an area for the stockpiling of steel. These additional waste disposal locations will help to speed up the clean-up process.

The first five asbestos-containing properties have now been cleaned up by Green Industries SA (GISA) contractors. GISA prefers to employ local contractors where feasible. All known local waste removal contractors have been contacted by GISA and asked to provide quotes for clean-up work. Many local contractors have already submitted quotes and their proposals are now being evaluated as part of a coordinated clean-up response.

Any qualified, licensed demolition and asbestos removal companies that have not yet spoken to GISA are encouraged to register their interest via email or phone 8204 2051

Expressions should detail the scope of services your company can deliver, equipment, costs, relevant licensing and any other operational information.

General waste clean-up and removal work will be allocated from late February 2020.


Phase 1

The priority has been to focus efforts and resources on assisting permanent KI residents who have lost their primary residence.

Many people are staying with family or friends or are living in other dwellings on their property. If this applies to you, please contact the Recovery Centre for information on what options may be available to help you, including assistance to stay on your property if you prefer (for example, toilet and/or shower).

Residents who have had their properties insured are encouraged to contact their insurance company to find out what housing options/relief they are entitled to.

If you or someone you know has lost their home in the fire or you need some housing support to sustain your current living arrangements and have not yet been contacted, please call the Recovery Centre on 0438 861 215.

Phase 2

Beyond Phase 1, residents will need to consider their housing options for the medium to longer term.

Some manufacturers and suppliers of medium to long-term housing have approached the SA Housing Authority already. A list of these suppliers will be available from the Recovery Centre by early March.

Some residents have already started the rebuilding process and are speaking with Council about lodging planning applications. If you are ready to lodge a building application, please contact the council on 8553 4500.

Tax on insurance claims

Some questions have been raised about the impact of tax on insurance claims.

Below is advice from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) regarding this matter:

“Insurance payouts for damaged or destroyed business assets are generally taxed unless, for example, a replacement asset is bought and paid for within a certain timeframe. For businesses whose assets were damaged or destroyed in the 2019/20 bushfires, they have until 30 June 2021 to buy a replacement business asset and access the concession.

“We understand that there will be circumstances where business are not able to replace an asset within this timeframe; for example, where there are delays in receiving an insurance payout to fund the purchase or where construction time for the asset is extensive. In these circumstances, the Commissioner’s approach will be to allow a reasonable extension of time for business to replace their damaged or destroyed assets.

“We will shortly be updating our website content to make clearer the timeframe to buy a replacement asset and the Commissioner’s approach to extensions for bushfire affected businesses. In the interim, please assure bushfire affected businesses that they should not be concerned about adverse tax implications where they experience delays beyond their control in acquiring their replacement business assets.”

For any other tax-related information, you can call the ATO emergency support hotline 1800 806 218.

Grant information

Grants are available through a variety of organisations including the State Government, Red Cross, The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, and the Mayoral Relief & Recovery Bushfire Fund.

For a list of currently available grants, visit Department of Human services - Grants and Assistance

For assistance with grant applications, please visit the Parndana Recovery centre or give them a call on 0438 861 215.

Dangerous tree removal

Many requests have been received regarding assistance for the identification and subsequent felling and removal of dangerous trees (trees burnt in the fire that pose a threat to infrastructure, houses, assets and fence lines).

The Kangaroo Island NRM Board has been providing the services of an arborist to assist landholders identify dangerous trees. Landholders who have not had an assessment are encouraged to contact the Board’s office on (08) 8583 4444 as these services will only be available until the end of February.

Landholders who would like dangerous trees felled or removed are encouraged to contact one of the following contractors, who have expressed an interest in undertaking this work:

  • Leon Wilson Tree Removal – (08) 8553 0103 (Kangaroo Island based)
  • Mechanical Vegetation Solutions – contact Paul on 0409 770 908 (currently undertaking work on Kangaroo Island)
  • Project Green Group – contact Steven McKenney on 0412 380 110 (will mobilise to the island if enough work is available)

Landholders will need to directly negotiate with the contractors any costs associated with tree felling and removal.

Any other contractors who can provide these services are encouraged to contact the Recovery Centre on 0438 861 215 to add their business to the list.

Update from Livestock SA

It is now estimated that 1,000 tonnes of hay has been delivered to Kangaroo Island through Livestock SA.

Following the receipt of 30 truckloads over the past weekend from the South East, there is about a further 500 tonnes waiting to be shipped from the depot at Cape Jervis (which has now been relocated down Fishery Beach Road).  This is expected to be the last of the largest donations.  Once all of the donated hay has been delivered across to Kangaroo Island, the depot at Cape Jervis will close.

The huge volume of donated hay from around the State and over a sustained six week period has been incredible and has been much appreciated in providing an emergency supply while producers ascertain how they will manage from now on.  The State Government’s commitment to fund the cost of the transport of this donated hay on Sealink and onto properties on the Island has also greatly assisted.

Fire track remediation

If your property has had fire tracks or break lines created by the CFS during the recent fire events, these can be remediated by filling out the CFS Rehabilitation Assessment Form (DOCX 40.7 KB).

This form is to be filled in and emailed back to the CFS.

If you have any further remediation or other CFS enquiries, please call CFS Regional Liaison Officer Steve Salamon on 0438 655 061. Steve is on the island three days a week. If he can’t answer the phone you will be able to leave a message with his paging service.


Bushfire fencing demonstration day

Thursday 27 February
Tremaines trial site
Playford Hwy bend, just before Parndana
10.00 am start

RSVP for catering by 20 February to your local Landmark, Elders, CRT or Ag Vet Clinic

Soils and pastures – fire recovery workshop

Thursday 27 February
Parndana Bowling Club
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

RSVP to your local reseller for catering purposes

Farming tools and tech field day

Thursday 12 March
Kangaroo Island Racecourse
Tickets at the gate

For more info, phone Damon Cusack on 8553 4441 or email Damon.

Key recovery service contacts

Parndana Recovery Centre

12 Jubilee Avenue

Monday to Friday: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Recovery Hotline: 0438 861 215


Help to rebuild fencing

Phone 0427 616 323

Fodder donation/administration

Livestock SA

Phone 8297 2299


Green Industries SA
Phone 7071 3723


Dangerous tree assessments and removal

Phone 8553 4444

State Emergency Service

Phone 132 500


SA Power Networks

Phone 13 13 66

SA Water

Phone 1300 729 283

Mental health and wellbeing

Emergency Mental Health Advice (24/7)

Phone 13 14 65

For support from regional counsellors:

Phone 1300 032 186 for immediate support


Rural business financial counselling:

Rural Business Support
Phone 8364 2577

Business Advice

Small Business, Department of Innovation and Skills (DIS)
Phone 1300 142 820

Wildlife support

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network
Emergency phone number 0477 334 898


Loss of income/workforce displacement:

Adelaide Training & Employment Centre
Phone 0401 917 647

Phone 8556 6102 or 0432 901 864


To apply for replacement of water used for fire-fighting or remediation of fire tracks:

Register with CFS
Phone 8553 4446

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