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Resilient Families - Social Impact Initiative

The State Government will launch the Resilient Families program in July 2021.

Resilient Families is about keeping children safe at home, in community and culture. The program will work with vulnerable South Australian families to prevent children at risk of abuse and neglect from going into out-of-home care.

Resilient Families will support up to 300 families over five and half years.

Case workers will work with each family in their own home. They will address the family's risk factors and safety concerns, and provide a 24/7 on-call service.

The Resilient Families program focuses on the southern metropolitan area, through to the Murraylands. It will complement:

  • Anglicare SA’s intensive family support services in the northern metropolitan area
  • a model being piloted by Kornar Winmil Yunti in the western metropolitan area.

The Benevolent Society will deliver Resilient Families, on a pay-by-results contract. This means that payments to The Benevolent Society are linked to achieving results, not just for delivering services.


The South Australian Government committed in 2019 to design a clearer and more connected system for child and family support. This would be done by working in partnership with:

  • non-government organisations
  • front-line workers
  • services users
  • Aboriginal community members
  • other government departments.

In May 2019, the Commonwealth and South Australian Governments announced the Resilient Families initiative.

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