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Appendix 1 – Guide to funding process

Appendix 1 Guide to funding process

The following information outlines the funding administration process and further requirements of a Grants SA grant application.

Round dates

Applications can only be submitted when a round is open. For opening, closing and expected notification dates of all Grants SA rounds, visit the Grants SA home page.

How does an organisation apply?

Organisations must register and apply for funding on the SmartyGrants online portal.

Before applying the organisation must thoroughly read and understand the Grants SA guidelines (minor or major) to determine whether the organisation meets the eligibility criteria for funding. If you are unsure, contact the Grants SA team on 1300 650 985. Please ensure you review the guidelines each time you apply.

Ensure you apply at least three months prior to the intended activity commencing or that you are applying for a round where the contract starting date meets your requirements. If successful, you cannot spend funds outside of the agreement dates. Grant rounds, notification dates and anticipated contract start dates are available on the Grants SA website.

Complete the online application in full with all the required attachments. Applications submitted with missing or incomplete attachments are ineligible.

Required documentation

The following documentation is required to accompany your Grants SA application:

  • Quotes in Australian Dollars for items $1,000 and over.
  • Applications for salaries must outline the position title, Award, level, hourly rate, weekly hours and length of employment.
  • Most recent end of year financial statement (see glossary in Grants SA guidelines for further details). Bank statements, bank reconciliation reports and profit and loss statements are not accepted. Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) registered organisations with recent financial statements on the ACNC website do not have to attach financial statements.
  • Community Facility upgrade grants only - building owner consent, lease agreement of a minimum of two years at the close of the round as well as council development approval if required by your council. If development approval is not required, proof must be provided, e.g letter from council or link to the appropriate webpage.

Additional requirements

  • Applications need to provide specific examples of how the project will benefit the target group, including the direct target group benefit, the indirect (wider) benefit and the potential sustainability of the benefit; how the project will build capacity of the target group; and, what value the project will add to the organisation’s existing services.
  • If you are working with a particular population group or another organisation, it is recommended that you provide a support letter or evidence of partnership/collaboration in your application.
  • It is anticipated that the number of eligible applications and funds sought will exceed the funds available and therefore the Department of Human Services does not guarantee applications will be successful, nor that all successful applications will receive the full amount of funding requested.

Notification of applicants

All applicants will be notified in writing approximately 10 weeks after the closing date of the round.

If your application is successful:

Successful applicants will receive written notification from the Minister. You will then receive an agreement detailing the terms and conditions of the funding provided.

All applicants will be required to sign the agreement and comply with its conditions, which will include requirements to:

  • submit an online final report on how you have spent the money provided (financial acquittal), including receipts for all purchases over $500.
  • measure and report on the outcomes from the funded project
  • have public liability insurance – a minimum of $1 million or as required in your agreement
  • appropriately acknowledge the State Government of South Australia as a funding source for the project

Payment will be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement.

If your application is unsuccessful:

All ineligible or unsuccessful applicants will receive written notification from the Department of Human Services.

Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to contact the Grants SA team for feedback regarding their application.

Links to policy

Grants SA links to the objectives, principles and recommendations in South Australian Government strategies and policies. These documents are:

How applications are assessed

Stage one – application screening

Once the round has closed, the applications are screened to check that:

  • the applicant organisation is eligible to apply
  • the application has been completed in full and all required information has been provided
  • the applicant does not have any outstanding obligations for projects funded by DHS.

Note: Applications that do not meet stage one requirements will be ineligible and will not be progressed to stage two.

Stage two – assessment against criteria

Applications that pass the screening process will be assessed by an assessment panel with experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas – financial management, charitable or social welfare organisation administration, multicultural, young people and volunteering.

The panel will assess the applications against the following criteria using a scoring system that ranks projects from highest to lowest in each criterion. The final ranking is an accumulation of all the criteria:

Criteria Major Rounds

Quality systems

The extent to which the organisation is accredited in a quality system of management eg Australian Service Excellence

Standards (ASES).

Organisations with long term accreditation are ranked higher in this criterion

Value for money

The extent of value for money given the number of people who will directly benefit; the costs proposed are reasonable and realistic; level of complementary funding/in-kind support; and cost of comparable programs.

Projects with co contribution and/or in kind contribution are ranked higher in this criterion

Community need

The extent to which the project addresses a need within the community.

Projects that can show evidence of a higher community need, such as servicing a gap in the area, projects in regions experiencing a high disadvantage, are ranked higher in this criterion.

Impact or benefit for target group/community

The extent of positive impact benefit for the target group and South Australian community, taking into account the number of people and significant or long term benefits.

Projects that show innovation and sustainability with high positive impact or benefit are ranked higher in this criterion.

Link to a theme

The extent to which the project will address a theme.

Projects that can show evidence of a high degree of linkage to theme are ranked higher in this criterion.

The panel will also take into consideration the following when making a final decision to allocate funding

Whole program funding distribution

The extent to which funding the project contributes to an equitable allocation of funding across target groups and geographic regions of South Australia.

Reporting requirements

On completion of the project, you will need to sign a declaration that you have spent your

funds in accordance with your agreement. You are required to keep receipts for all purchased items, and submit receipts with your financial report for all purchases over $500. Up to 5% of grant recipients will be audited annually.

Reports are completed online. Once grant funds have been paid to the organisation, the registered user (the person who submitted the application), will receive a link to the online portal.

You will be required to provide a short summary about the difference your project has made, including a description of project outcomes addressing the following performance measures:

How much?

  • How well?
  • Is anyone better off?

The table below provides information about what these performance measures might include.


Measures: How Much?

Measures: How Well?

Measures: Is Anyone Better Off?

Deliver a one-off program or service

Number of participants directly involved in the project

Level of

satisfaction of participants/ organisation with the project.

Extent of change for the participants/ organisation as a result of the project.

Upgrade community facilities

Number of participants directly involved in the project

Level of

satisfaction of participants/ organisation with the project.

Extent of change for the participants/ organisation as a result of the project.

Purchase a vehicle

Number of participants directly involved in the project

Level of

satisfaction of participants/ organisation with the project.

Extent of change for the participants/ organisation as a result of the project.

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