Department of Human Services

Ineligible items

Organisational operational expenses

Expenses to conduct your services such as:

  • core (normal) operating costs of applicant organisations
  • rent, purchase or lease of land and buildings, lease of vehicles, insurance, telephone, internet
  • operational staff/positions  – e.g. chief executive, administration staff, accounting staff, etc.
  • training for paid staff
  • debts or shortfalls
  • police checks / DHS screening
  • marketing and promotion of the organisation or existing services
  • ongoing costs of programs and services
  • maintenance costs e.g. building or equipment repairs
  • items, projects, programs or equipment on or for leased property that are the responsibility of the land or building owner

Duplication of funding from other government areas

  • sport and recreation projects eligible for grants administered by the Office for Recreation and Sport
  • any items that are supported through the Community Emergency Services Fund (CESF),
  • programs for school age children during school hours
  • items, projects, programs or equipment that are already funded or are the core responsibility of other state and commonwealth government departments

Funding for individuals

  • items for individuals
  • funds to distribute to individuals via sponsorships, scholarships, donations, financial assistance, reimbursement, uniforms
  • honorariums, per diems or other reimbursements
  • emergency relief such as food, food vouchers, payment of bills, clothing, money


  • research projects or feasibility studies
  • activities primarily aimed at meeting religious or political outcomes
  • activities primarily aimed at sporting and recreation outcomes
  • personal pursuits, or hobbies
  • funds to distribute to other bodies
  • retrospective funding for any function or activity (prior to the expected contract start date)
  • activities that will be implemented interstate (not including attendance at events)
  • fundraising activities, prizes, competitions or donations
  • overseas personnel such as artists, facilitators or speakers
  • catering including food, beverages and consumables
  • grant writer fees. auspice fees, auditor fees
  • contingency costs
  • volunteer training not provided by a third party
  • pre-paid or store cards
  • petrol expenses or reimbursements

Unlikely to be funded items

Participation in interstate events (extent of benefit for the South Australian community)

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