Department of Human Services

Priority themes for funding rounds

The Minister will introduce priority themes for rounds so that the government can respond to emerging issues and areas of need, as they arise in the community. Refer to ‘How applications are assessed’ for further information on how themes are considered as part of the assessment process and the importance this has on your application.

The following annual themes outline areas of government priority across all Grants SA rounds for 2019/20:

Cost of living

Supporting projects that will assist to address cost of living concerns through:

  • increasing community financial resilience and wellbeing, or
  • increasing food security within the community, particularly access to fresh and nutritious food.

Prevention of domestic, family and sexual violence

Supporting prevention and early intervention responses to domestic, family and sexual violence.

Disability inclusion

Supporting disability inclusion in South Australian communities. This includes ensuring that services and facilities are accessible and responsive to people with disability.

Supporting innovation

Supporting projects that use new methods, ideas, products or technology to contribute to the continuing success of community organisations and the outcomes their services/activities deliver in the community. This includes supporting social enterprises and continuous improvement.

Additional themes are announced prior to the opening of each round where determined, and will be promoted on the Grants SA website.

Page last updated : 04 Dec 2019

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