Department of Human Services


  • ACNC – Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
  • Financial Statement – Must include as a minimum, the organisation’s income and expenditure for the most recent financial year
  • Disadvantage – Disadvantage is caused by issues related to discrimination, income, education, employment, housing, domestic and family violence and access to services and supports. These factors can create a complex web of challenges that limit people’s access to life opportunities and their capacity to act on these opportunities.
  • Innovation - projects that use new methods, ideas, products or technology to contribute to the continuing success of community services/activities delivered in the community.
  • Legal entity – the entity with legal responsibility for a grant; must be capable by law of entering into an agreement.
  • Members – refers to those people who are members of community organisations eligible for a grant under the Grants SA program.
  • One-off - a short-term project with a start and end date within a 12-month period.
  • Operating within South Australia – office located in South Australia.
  • Organisation – either a legal entity or a sponsored entity
  • Sponsored entity – an organisation that requires a legal entity to sponsor a grant application. A sponsored entity must be authorised by a legal entity to apply and be sponsored for funding through that legal entity. A sponsored entity is not capable of entering into an agreement in its own right.
  • Volunteers – volunteers give their time willingly for the common good and without financial gain.
  • Young people – refers to young people aged 12-25 years inclusive.
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