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SA Youth Week Grant Funding Guidelines

    SA Youth Week Grant in summary

    • Name of fund: SA Youth Week Grant
    • Grants opening date: 9.00 am, 14 November 2022
    • Grants closing date: 3.00 pm, 19 January 2023
    • Successful notification: By 8 February 2023
    • Funding available: Up to $2,000 ex GST for organisations hosting events
    • Type of funding: One-off funding
    • Limited to one application per eligible organisation.

    About SA Youth Week

    SA Youth Week (SAYW), which will be held from 24 March to 2 April 2023, is an initiative that celebrates and recognises the value of young South Australians to their communities.

    As one of the largest annual events on the South Australian youth calendar, SAYW showcases young peoples’ talents, contributions, and achievements; promotes a positive image of young people; acknowledges the common interests of young people as well as their diverse backgrounds and circumstances; and enables young people to express their ideas.

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    The State Government, through the Department of Human Services (DHS), is providing SAYW grants for local councils and non-government organisations working directly with young people across South Australia to host events and activities during SAYW 2023. The events should promote, acknowledge, recognise and celebrate the contributions of young people in our communities.

    The overall purpose of SAYW 2023 is to celebrate young people and youth culture and to encourage young people to participate in their communities.

    COVID-Safe requirements

    All funded projects must be in alignment with current government public health policies.

    To understand how the public health emergency could affect your project, and the COVID-safe requirements you may need to comply with, please refer to the SA Government COVID-19 website.

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    Aims and objectives

    SAYW 2023 grants support youth-led events and activities held during SAYW in South Australia that support the objectives of SAYW by:

    • providing opportunities for young people aged 12 to 24 years to be involved in the planning and delivery of events that celebrate young people and youth culture;
    • providing opportunities for young people to express their ideas and views, pursue their interests, showcase their skills and talents, raise issues of concern to them and/or act on issues that affect their lives;
    • providing opportunities for the wider community to listen to young people and acknowledge and celebrate the positive contributions that young people make to their local communities; and
    • providing activities that are accessible for all young people.

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    Funding (one-off grants)

    One-off grants of up to $2,000 are available for organisations hosting events during SAYW 2023 that are in both metropolitan and regional South Australia.

    Eligibility for grants

    • Local councils and non-government organisations working directly with young people in South Australia.
    • Organisations must match the grant funding, either dollar for dollar or through in-kind support (e.g. provision of a venue, staff/volunteer time, equipment use, transport etc) or a combination of both.
    • Funded organisations must maintain workers’ compensation insurance for an amount required by the relevant legislation and public liability insurance for $10,000,000 or more per claim.
    • All events and activities must take place during SAYW 2023 (24 March 2023 – 2 April 2023)
    • Submissions are limited to one application per eligible organisation.

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    Special provisions

    Regional and rural/remote organisations can use part of the funding to subsidise transport of young people to SAYW events and activities.

    Events and activities which specifically target young people experiencing disadvantage will be considered favourably. This includes young people from the LGBTIQA+ community; young people with a disability; young people at risk of homelessness; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people; culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) young people; young carers; unemployed young people; and young people with contact (or at risk) with youth justice.

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    APRA AMCOS (music) licensing

    Whenever music is played and/or performed in public, whether live OR recorded, the party authorising the music use almost always requires an APRA AMCOS public performance licence. This covers the rights of the songwriter, composer and music publisher who made and own the piece of music.

    If you are playing music at your SAYW event, you will be required to source, at the event organisers’ expense, the required license.

    More information on music licensing

    Phone APRA AMCOS on 1300 852 388

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    Not eligible

    • Events and activities that are planned outside of SAYW 2023.
    • Events and activities that are planned to be held outside South Australia.
    • Requests for the purchase, maintenance or upgrading of facilities or equipment.
    • Requests for the purchase of alcohol as part of any SAYW 2023 event or activity.
    • Request for salary subsidies.
    • Requests from individuals.
    • Organisations that have not met the acquittal requirements for any previous grants issued by the Department of Human Services.
    • Commercial or business associated activities (to make a profit).
    • Fundraising or charitable events and activities.
    • Local councils and non-government organisations that are not located within South Australia, unless the event or activity is held in and benefits South Australian young people.

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    Selection criteria

    What is the event?

    Describe the event(s), including:

    • What is the event(s)?
    • Who is hosting the event(s)?
    • Where will the event(s) be hosted (metro / regional / country)?
    • What involvement will young people have in the planning and delivery of the event(s), including the number of young people involved
    • What is the frequency of the event (is it a one-off event or across multiple days)?
    • Is the event(s) targeted to all young people or specific age range?
    • How will the event be publicised?
    • Will any measures be in place to enable participation by disadvantaged and/or minority groups?

    How will it benefit young people?

    Describe the desired outcomes of the event(s), including:

    • How will the event provide young people with opportunities to pursue their interests, showcase their talents, express their ideas and views, raise issues of concern to them and/or act on issues that affect their lives?
    • How will young people be able to express their views and satisfaction with the event(s)?
    • What skills and/or opportunities may be gained from participating in or attending the event(s)?
    • How were young people able to benefit from the event?

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    Recommendations of applications

    An Assessment Panel will review all applications and make recommendations on funding.

    The Minister for Human Service’s delegate, the Director, Social Inclusion, Department of Human Services (DHS) will be advised of the Assessment Panel’s recommendations and will make the final decision on grant funding. All decisions relating to the allocation of funding will be final. The funding round will be finalised when all successful applicants have signed Grant Funding Agreements (GFA) with DHS. The GFA will contain the entire agreement between the parties.

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    How to apply

    Complete the SAYW grant application and submit with attachments by 3.00 pm, 19 January 2023.

    Apply via the smarty grants portal

    What are my obligations if successful?

    Successful applicants will be required to:

    • Enter into a Grant Funding Agreement with DHS
    • Expend all funds on approved activities during SAYW 2023
    • Return any unexpended funds to DHS
    • Seek advice and/or approval from DHS if an event/activity needs to be varied and/or cancelled prior to taking place (e.g., due to adverse weather or COVID-19 restrictions)
    • Acknowledge the support of SAYW and the South Australian Government in any promotional materials
    • Provide a final written report and financial acquittal to DHS by close of business 26 May 2023.

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    Who do I contact for further information?

    Department of Human Services
    Phone 8415 4358

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    Application checklist

    When submitting your online application, please:

    • submit one application per organisation
    • attach extra information (if applicable) via the upload functions, and
    • lodge your application online by 3.00 pm, 19 January 2023. No extensions will be granted.

    Key dates to remember



    9.00 am, 14 November 2022

    Applications open

    3.00 pm, 19 January 2023

    Applications close

    8 February 2023

    (Dates are approximate and may be subject to change by notification of the department.)

    Successful notification date

    16 February 2023 (week commencing)

    Funding agreements and grant payments to successful applicants

    24 March 2023

    SA Youth Week opens

    2 April 2023

    SA Youth Week closes

    5.00 pm, 26 May 2023SAYW Report and Acquittal

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