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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

The Government has implemented disclosure logs for all state government agencies to enable information that may be of interest to the public to be readily identified and accessed by the community at large. This supports transparency and accountability of the Government.

The policy governing disclosure logs requires agencies to publish on its website a list detailing information that has been released by the agency under the FOI Act in response to an FOI request received after 1 October 2017.

Agencies are required to make available on their websites information and documents that have already been disclosed to an FOI applicant that:

  • are not related to the personal affairs of an individual; and
  • could not be claimed as exempt documents/material pursuant to Schedule 1 of the FOI Act, when being publicly released; and
  • could not be considered defamatory or a breach of confidentiality or reasonably be anticipated to cause harm to a person.

In some cases, the documents may be too large to upload online. In these cases, a copy of the determination may be available by contacting the agency FOI officer by Email

SA Housing Authority

SA Housing Authority

Date of Determination Reference Number Application Summary Copy of Document
12 September 2018HAF/18/00121
Tender documents for the sale of land on Commercial Road, Seaford meadows by Renewal SA
Contract of sale between the South Australian Housing Trust/Renewal SA and Hickinbotham Homes
FOI Request - PICTON C - HAF 18-00121 - Signed Determination
(PDF 50.8 MB)

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