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Homeless to Home system

As part of their funding agreement, all specialist homelessness agencies are required to use the Homeless2Home (H2H) client and case management system.

The H2H system:

  • ensures a consistent response to clients across South Australia
  • allows agencies to record client circumstances, services provided and outcomes reached
  • allows for standardised reporting.

Agencies are able to:

  • search for a client's history with Specialist Homelessness Sector (SHS) agencies
  • register and update client information
  • undertake an intake
  • undertake an assessment
  • undertake a case plan
  • refer clients, with their permission, to other SHS agencies.

Questions about the H2H system, including recent system changes, can be directed to the Homelessness Systems Support (HSS) team.


Access, training and system support is provided to agencies by the HSS team.

When accessing the system for the first time:

Basic user training

One day courses are conducted regularly aimed at new users or existing users who need a refresher.

Training places are limited. SHS workers will be given priority over placement students and non-SHS workers.

If you have recently completed a one-day training course, please complete the H2H Basic User Training survey.

Super user training

One day courses to upskill experienced H2H users with skills to provide basic training and support to colleagues in the use of the system. Super users are also called on to assist with testing changes to the H2H system prior to release.

People who make regular use of the system in their day to day work can be super users, they are often called upon to test new functions in H2H prior to release.

Register for training

To register for training please complete the H2H training registration (PDF 90.8 KB) form and email it to

Registering for training does not guarantee a place in the training. You will receive an email notification once you have been booked in to a training session.

The training dates for the current 2019 period can be found below:

Training DateTraining Type
Tues 16th JulyH2H Basic user
Tues 6th AugH2H Basic user
Tues 13th AugH2H Super user
Thurs 5th SeptH2H Basic user
Tues 24th SeptH2H Basic user
Thurs 17th OctH2H Basic user
Tues 29th OctH2H Super user
Tues 12th NovH2H Basic user
Thurs 28th NovH2H Basic user
Thurs 12th DecH2H Basic user

Agency-specific training

The HSS team are available to provide a limited number of agency specific training sessions. To request training for your agency or program please complete the training request form.

Getting access to H2H

Only authorised staff members from specialist homelessness agencies and the Department of Human Services will be able to access H2H. When applying for access it is important to first read the H2H user role descriptions (PDF 83.6 KB).

These forms support the administration of system access for agency staff:

Using the H2H system

The H2H user guide (PDF 11.2 MB) for H2H explains how to use the system.

When a client's permission is required

Clients must be:

The Notice of Information requires agencies to provide de-personalised information to state and commonwealth governments. This ensures that personal details are protected.

Clients must give their permission before information can be shared or exchanged with another agency. This permission can be given:

Supporting forms

Getting help

Agency staff who need help with H2H should check the H2H user guide (PDF 11.2 MB) first and check with a colleague.

Technical Help

Phone: 1300 885 912

Help with using H2H

Phone: 8207 0224

Agencies can also email comments, feedback and suggestions on the H2H system to the address above.


How to search for a client

How to reset your H2H Password

Duplicate client records

Sensitive and locked

The Set as Deceased Function

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