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Client eligibility and nomination

The Homelessness Supportive Housing program helps eligible, vulnerable, homeless people with complex needs with accommodation and ongoing support for 12 months to learn how to live independently, and secure and maintain a tenancy.

Housing SA and Community Housing Providers (CHPs) provide and manage the properties and tenancies under the program.

Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) providers and other non-government organisations provide ongoing support and case management to the client throughout their tenancy.

The program doesn’t provide long term accommodation.


A client is eligible for the program if they meet all of the below conditions:

  • they’re eligible for public housing if Housing SA is the landlord
  • they’re eligible for community housing if a Community Housing Provider (CHP) is the landlord
  • they’re either primary, secondary or tertiary homeless, or at imminent risk of becoming homeless in line with the Homelessness Supportive Housing program policy
  • they agree to and enter into a case management plan with the organisation that would provide ongoing support
  • they agree to the terms of the program, and to engage with supports to maintain their tenancy.

Nominating a client

When a property is advertised, an agency can nominate up to two clients.

Contact Homelessness if you want to be notified when properties become vacant.

Nominations must be made:

Contact the organisation that advertised the property if you have any questions - eg whether the property and the program is suitable for your client.

Before you nominate a client, you must:

  • make sure the program is suitable for your client, or if there are other more appropriate support pathways
  • make sure your client is eligible for the program and meets the target group the property is for - eg an adult or a family
  • make sure your client understands the aims and terms of the program, and that it doesn’t provide long-term accommodation
  • contact any other agencies your client works with and include their information and views in the nomination
  • get your client’s consent to exchange their personal information with other organisations - eg Housing SA, by signing the nomination form.

Keep in contact with your client, and actively engage them in the nomination process.

Complete the nomination form, attach all supporting information, and return it to the organisation that advertised the property by the closing date.

The organisation that advertised the property will contact you with their decision. It’s your responsibility to tell your client about the outcome.

Supporting information

Supporting information - eg support letters, should include all of the below information:

  • your agency’s involvement with your client, and how long you’ve been working with them
  • the type of assistance or support you provide
  • details about any social or health issues identified in the nomination form
  • the nature and seriousness of your client’s condition or situation, including any treatments or other support they receive
  • any other appropriate and relevant information about their support needs.

When a client has been accepted into the program

If your client’s nomination has been successful, you should:

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