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Private Rental Liaison Program policy

The purpose of this policy

The Private Rental Liaison Program provides help and support to people who experience difficulties accessing private rental, but could maintain a private rental tenancy with some support.

This policy sets out:

  • who is eligible for the program
  • the type of assistance provided.

Referrals to the program

People can be referred to the Private Rental Liaison Program after:

  • a service options interview with Housing SA
  • a Private Rental Assistance Program assessment interview
  • they have attended a Housing SA Private Rental Liaison Program workshop.


To be eligible for the program, people must meet both the criteria below:

  • be eligible for the Private Rental Assistance Program
  • be assessed by Housing SA as able to maintain a private rental tenancy with some support.

Examples of people who may be eligible includes, but isn't limited to, those who:

  • lack financial skills but have sufficient financial resources, and are willing to engage with the appropriate supports - eg financial counselling, to address their issues
  • experience socio-cultural issues and need advocacy or support to overcome difficulties with landlords or real estate agents
  • lack the social skills to negotiate with landlords or real estate agents
  • have no rental history
  • are renting through the supportive housing program, or are renting public housing and seeking private rental accommodation.

Housing SA will interview the person to assess:

  • their eligibility for the program
  • what type of assistance they need.

The type of assistance provided

Housing SA will provide information and, where required, practical assistance and support to secure and maintain a private rental tenancy for up to the first six months of the tenancy. This assistance can include:

  • identifying properties that are suitable for them
  • finding information about or accompanying them to open inspections
  • explaining or helping them with private rental application processes
  • advocating and negotiating with real estate agents or landlords
  • explaining the rights and responsibilities of both tenant and landlord under the lease agreement
  • conducting a home visit two weeks after they move into a rental property, and again where required
  • referring to and liaising with support agencies if required
  • referring customers to support services if they are at risk of becoming homeless.

Housing SA will stop providing support through the Program if the customer:

  • doesn't attend a scheduled interview with Housing SA on two occasions
  • declines two private rental properties that are appropriate to their needs and circumstances
  • doesn't comply with reasonable requests by the landlord or agent to address a breach of the conditions of their lease agreement
  • has maintained their private rental tenancy for six months.

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Supporting guidelines

  • Private Rental Liaison Program guidelines v 1.2

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29 March 2016

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