Department of Human Services

Connected Youth Justice Strategic Design Process

Tag lines for this diagram:

  • Disrupt
  • Innovate
  • Collaborate
  • Reform.

There are three phases. Feeding into the three phases are:

  • Royal Commission reports
  • National reports
  • Data and evidence
  • Client feedback.

Phase One - Innovate

  1. Youth Justice staff consultation
  2. Department of Human Services Executive Leadership Team and invited topic experts workshop
  3. Key partner agency executives workshop

Phase Two - Collaborate

  1. Design labs with partner agency topic experts
    1. Our people
    2. Connected services
    3. Young people’s wellbeing
    4. Business intelligence
    5. Reconnection with community
    6. Aboriginal community support
  2. Information collation and analysis
  3. Drafting strategic plan.

Phase Three - Engage

Engagement with:

  1. Aboriginal communities
    1. Young people and families
    2. Community partners
    3. Agency partners.
  2. Developing delivery plan with partners.

Exiting from the three phases is:

  • Implementation.

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