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What we know

Children and young people who become involved in the criminal justice system present a complex task for family, community service providers and government. When working with young people, the justice system requires a balance between a justice and rehabilitation response, delivered within a family and community context.

The most recent report on Youth Justice in Australia is available on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website, which provides evidence to inform key areas for actions.

Due to the statutory nature of the Youth Justice service delivery model, efforts are limited by the length of time the young person is on a supervised justice mandate. Connected services across the youth justice system, including early intervention, diversion and reconnection to community activities, provide opportunities to strengthen supports available for vulnerable young people.

The Connections Map has been developed to show the complex challenges facing vulnerable young people, and the supports, agencies, and partners in place to encourage and assist them toward a path of growth, and away from the youth justice system.

Page last updated : 04 Dec 2019

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