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Adelaide Youth Training Centre (Kurlana Tapa) Rules

The Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC) has rules to ensure the safety of residents and staff.

Residents must follow AYTC rules and all reasonable instructions from AYTC staff.

All young people have rights, including when in custody in the AYTC, in accordance with the Charter of Rights.

These rights apply to residents and it's important that you respect other people's rights.

AYTC Rules

While you are a resident here you must follow the rules.

AYTC staff will help you understand the rules and you can ask for help at any time.

AYTC will treat you with respect and encourage you to treat others with respect.

If you follow the rules and treat others with respect, your positive behaviour will be rewarded.

Rewards are privileges that include things like extra time to watch television or going to bed later that your scheduled bedtime.

If you do not follow the rules, these privileges will be taken away and there may be other consequences, like being given extra chores.

Bullying, discrimination, harassment, assault or sexual assault against other residents or AYTC staff won't be tolerated.

There are serious consequences for behaviour that is offensive, violent or impacts on the safety of others. This can include being charged with a criminal offence and going to court.

Your basic rights will never be taken away as punishment for bad behaviour.

While you are a resident of the AYTC you must:

  • Treat other residents and AYTC staff with respect
  • Follow the accommodation unit rules
  • Speak to other residents and AYTC staff respectfully (no swearing or abusive or threatening language)
  • Follow reasonable instructions from AYTC staff
  • Participate in programs
  • Take part in the daily routine (including education and training programs)
  • Not cause wilful damage to property (graffiti or breaking things on purpose)
  • Not bring banned items into the AYTC, including:
    • cigarettes
    • lighters
    • drugs
    • mobile phones
    • weapons (or anything that can be used as a weapon)
    • magazines or pictures with inappropriate content, such as sexual, racist or violent content.
  • Maintain good hygiene - shower and shave (male residents) daily, wash your clothes and look after them
  • Not share items bought at the Tuckshop
  • Not have inappropriate physical contact with other residents
  • Do chores in your accommodation unit.

Daily routines

The days are structured into a routine. The daily routine schedules activities from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed and includes:

  • meal times
  • exercise
  • school (week days only)
  • other programs and activities.

This helps you to know what is coming up and what you are expected to do.

There are different routines for week days and weekends.

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Phone 8169 1444
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