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Lodging a child safe environments compliance statement

A child safe environments compliance statement is a statement from your organisation about your child safe environments policies and procedures.

Lodging a compliance statement is a mandatory requirement for:

  • state authorities (as defined at S16 of the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017)
  • persons or bodies who provide a service or undertake an activity that constitutes child-related work under the Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Act 2016, including:
    • accommodation and residential services for children
    • those provided by religious organisations (includes organisations providing spiritual or pastoral services)
    • childcare or child-minding services
    • child protection services
    • those provided by operating sporting, recreational, cultural or artistic clubs or associations with significant membership or involvement of children
    • coaching or tuition services for children
    • commercial services provided directly to children, including:
      • the sale or supply of goods or services where physical contact with children would reasonably be expected to occur
      • recreational services where contact with children would be reasonably expected to occur (such as a play gym)
      • entertainment services provided at children parties or events (such as face painting or the hire of bouncy castles)
      • entertainment services where a person appearing or performing as a costumed character that is likely to appeal to children (such as a sports mascot or Santa Claus)
      • photography of children
      • competitions held primarily for children, or where there is a children’s category (such as beauty pageants and talent shows)
    • disability services for children
    • education services for children (including preschool, primary and secondary education, but not tertiary education)
    • health services for children (including allied health services)
    • justice and detention services for children
    • transport services for children
  • other persons or bodies declared in the regulations, including non-government organisations, that provide welfare or cultural services wholly or partly for children.

Organisations in this context include sole traders or people working in partnerships. Organisations must lodge a compliance statement with the Department of Human Services.

There is no cost for lodging a compliance statement.

If a compliance statement is not lodged a penalty of up to $10,000 may apply.

Lodging your compliance statement

Newly formed organisations must lodge a compliance statement as soon as reasonably practicable, after preparing or adopting policies and procedures.

If the minimum requirements of providing safe environments for children and young people have not been fully met, the organisation must lodge a further statement once all requirements are in place. This statement should be lodged no later than 6 months after the initial statement is lodged.

Existing organisations must re-lodge a compliance statement as soon as reasonably practicable, after varying or substituting policies and procedures,

CSEC system

Compliance statements can be lodged online via the CSEC online lodgement system.

The CSEC system requires the user to create a login before lodging a compliance statement. Once set up, the user can access lodged compliance statements and supporting documentation at any time.

The CSEC system user manual (PDF 528.9 KB) provides step-by-step instructions on how to lodge a compliance statement using the online lodgement system and other services available on the system.

Next steps

Organisations are strongly advised to keep a copy of their compliance statement for their records. Where possible. the compliance statement should be tabled at the organisation’s annual general meeting or other appropriate forum.

Organisations seeking funding or entering into contractual arrangements with government organisations may be requested to provide evidence of their compliance statement.

Compliance statement fact sheet

The compliance statement fact sheet (PDF 302KB) has more information about:

  • why organisations need to lodge a compliance statement
  • when organisations need to comply
  • who must lodge a compliance statement.

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