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Department of Human Services

Carers Recognition Act 2005

The Department of Human Services administers the South Australian Carers Recognition Act 2005.

The Act acknowledges the important role of unpaid carers in the community. It imposes obligations on government agencies and contracted organisations that provide services to carers and the people in their care in areas such as recognition, consultation and support.

The Act requires State Government agencies to provide services that ensure:

  • staff and associates are aware of carers' needs
  • carers are consulted in the planning, delivery and review of policies and programs that affect them
  • the relevant principles of the Carers Charter are followed.

The SA Carers Charter is a schedule of the Act. It aims to ensure that carers have the same rights, choices and opportunities as other South Australians. The Charter's seven key principles are:

  1. Carers have choices within their caring role
  2. Carers' health and wellbeing is critical to the community
  3. Carers play a critical role in maintaining the fabric of society
  4. Service providers work in partnership with carers
  5. Carers in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities need specific consideration
  6. All children and young people have the right to enjoy life and reach their potential
  7. Resources are available to provide timely, appropriate and adequate assistance to carers.

For more detailed information on carers' rights and legislation, see the website.

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