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How to start the accreditation process

Before you begin

Attend an information session. These valuable sessions help organisations to understand the program and the processes required for ASES accreditation.

The accreditation process

Register with us

Organisations formally register their intent to undertake ASES. This triggers access to the tools, resources and workbooks.

Register with us by completing the online form


Engaged organisations undertake a self-assessment process by completing workbooks. This can be done online through either:

External Assessment

An experienced and approved assessor will assess your organisation.

If you want to book an external assessor, there are two steps:

There is a cost to have your organisation assessed.

Eligible organisations may receive financial assistance to help pay for their assessments. For more information on this:

Quality Action Plan developed

The recommendations in the report are transferred to the Quality Action Plan.

A draft Quality Action Plan is sent to ASES team within six weeks of the assessment.

Organisations have six months to complete actions in quality action plan.

Accreditation achieved

Outcome of assessment is communicated to you and ASES resources are sent out.

Accreditation maintained

Maintaining continuous accreditation is the aim. This is also a requirement in service agreements.

Tips to maintain accreditation

More information

Cost of external assessment

Choice of assessor

Maintaining accreditation

ASES information sessions

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