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It is with great pride that Tutti Arts received its Certificate of Accreditation in the Australian Service Excellence Standards. This allowed Tutti to fine tune quality systems, like administering medication, motor vehicle use, and critical incidents and people compliance. The standards helped to drive a continuous improvement agenda for professional development and lever Tutti Arts to experience continued growth.

Dorothy O’Brien, Tutti Arts

ASES was such a rewarding experience. My staff and I gained so much from the process…it was a bit like a spring clean, with many small but neglected jobs identified and completed. Teamwork was outstanding as we all pulled together to fulfil the requirements. Yes, the outcome, the destination was wonderful but it was the process of getting there, the journey that has had lasting effects. Thank you for all your help with ASES.

Eve Barratt, Lifeline South East

Directly working with young people and assisting them in addressing their challenges has always been our priority. However; the accreditation process helped us recognise that whilst we were meeting the service outcomes for young people that these services would benefit from having a more structured framework with streamlined processes which our organisation now have as a result of our ASES journey and achieving ASES.

Jo Jones, Plaza Youth Centre

ASES has been a gift to all of us here at Burdekin. It has reaffirmed the great work we do here with our young people and also sparked some creative innovations and will continue to guide our practice and service modelling.

Stephanie Mason, The Burdekin Association

We are grateful to the STARservice assessment team for their guidance, suggestions, and seemingly endless supplies of patience, as they helped Grandparents For Grandchildren SA on this very important step in our journey. While the process was not overly easy, it was invaluable in making our organisation take an objective examination of all aspects of our operations, both now, and into the future. It required us to assess honestly, what we were doing well, and to face what needed improvement.

I highly recommend this program to all organisations that interact with clients, customers and, particularly, with volunteers.

You should be aware that the STARservice Team wants you to succeed as much as you do, and are always available to guide you to recognition. For our organisation it initiated us pulling together policies, which was a good outcome. Board and Executive were conducting a policy review also. The online tool was effective and easy to comply.

Peter Biber, Grandparents for Grandchildren

At first I found [the ASES accreditation process] completely overwhelming and wanted to give up at the first hurdle. After talking with Sue from ASES and getting some direction and support I found it easier. Having completed it now I feel really proud that we are seen to be meeting all the standards.
[My advice to others would be] stick at it, it’s worth it once you have it. Keep it simple, doesn’t have to be really complicated.

Sally Rhodes, Connecting Families

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