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Department of Human Services

Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services

Metropolitan Aboriginal Youth and Family Services (MAYFS) provides culturally sensitive, family-centred programs for Aboriginal children, young people and their families, promoting pathways that lead to positive change.

We provide a culturally safe and supportive environment that encourages openness, honesty and accountable service delivery to Aboriginal children, young people, families and communities.

MAYFS teams provide programs and services for Aboriginal young people and families that focus on early intervention, prevention and reintegration. Entry into the following programs is by referral.

  • Warpulaiendi Program (Programs Team)
    • Delivers a variety of male/female and co-ed programs in the metropolitan community for at-risk Aboriginal young people between 10 -18 years of age. Warpulaiendi staff also provide programming services within Kurlana Tapa (the Adelaide Youth Training Centres) for young people in the youth justice system.
  • Panyappi Program (Mentoring Team)
    • An Aboriginal youth mentoring service for Aboriginal young people between 10 -18 years of age. Mentoring services focus on early intervention and prevention and additional supports for young people who experience a range of complex problems that place them at risk of being victims of crime or engaging in offending.
  • Marni Wodli Service (Youth Accommodation Team)
    • Provides a culturally appropriate supported accommodation option to ‘at-risk’ Aboriginal young people between 15 -18 years of age. The service combines residential care, supported accommodation and assistance in securing longer term housing, through teaching independent living skills and delivering support services tailored to individual needs.
  • Tirkandi Program (School Retention)
    • Provides holistic case coordination and family support to Aboriginal young people between 12 -17 years of age attending Warriappendi School. It is focused on culturally accountable, family-inclusive support to connect/reconnect Aboriginal young people to educational opportunities and stay engaged in the formal education system.
  • Kurlana Meyunna Karpandi Program (Aboriginal Remand Inc - Foster Care)
    • Offers specialist foster care placement opportunities for Aboriginal young people involved in the youth justice system. A family placement program that recruits, trains and supports carers for young Aboriginal people between 10 -18 years of age.

Referrals to MAYFS come from:

  • Youth justice case managers
  • Families SA case managers
  • Service providers to youth at risk.

We provide a confidential service - information is only shared as required by law or within the government information sharing guidelines.

For further information, contact MAYFS on (08) 8414 8900, freecall 1800 007 959 or email.

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