Youth Action Plan for South Australia

Youth Action Plan

This new, three-year SA Youth Action Plan lays out the government’s commitments to ensuring young South Australians are happy, healthy and equal contributors to our state’s social and economic prosperity.

SA Youth Action Plan (opens new website)

Listening to young people

We actively engaged with hundreds of young people and the sector to develop this Plan and ensure it reflected the needs, wants and aspirations of young South Australians.

We did this by conducting:

  • An online survey about young people’s priorities through YourSAy.
  • A Youth Panel Forum which included a diverse group of young people from across South Australia.
  • In-person consultation with representatives from the youth sector.
  • A Government Task Group which brought together representatives from key government agencies and the Youth Panel Forum to map current investment in outcomes for young people across government agencies, and to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Further public consultation through YourSAy that gave young people and people that work with young people the opportunity to give feedback on the Plan’s implementation.

In total, the development of the Plan has engaged almost 500 young people at different stages across its development. We look forward to growing that number during the Plan’s implementation.