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Results Reporting Data Dock (R2D2)

The Results Reporting Data Dock (R2D2) is a website where funded organisations submit periodic performance management reports, containing de-identified client demographics, client assessment data against outcome measures, and contextual qualitative information. The measurement framework was developed as part of a co-design process with NGO service providers.

R2D2 has improved the way we collect, use and share data to monitor program performance and the impact we are having on people and families in the community. Data analytics can be performed using reporting tools, which enables detailed access to the data tables.

R2D2 was developed in partnership with Community Data Solutions (CDS), an Adelaide-based technology company with a background in, and connection to, the social services sector in South Australia.

DHS and CDS continue to invest in improvements and enhancements to the technology in consultation with NGO partners.

Do you work for one of our funded NGOs using R2D2? If so, you can access the R2D2 website here (log-in required).

Needing some extra assistance? Our R2D2 Instruction Manual will help.

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